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Clean, consistent food from a top-rated Bay Area restaurant - Real Kabob in San Jose, CA.

Our dishes are packaged as prepared meal packs (bundles) and optimized for leaning down or bulking up.

We want to be part of your health journey, and we will work hard to keep you happy - That's our promise to you.


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Meal Prep Menu
  • Quick Overview
    PICK-UP FROM REAL KABOB RESTAURANT (SAN JOSE) ​ ORDER BEFORE 5PM to pick up the next day between 5PM - 8PM. Pick-ups are Monday - Saturday. SUNDAY CLOSED. ​ OR ​ HAVE IT DELIVERED ​ To San Francisco / Peninsula We deliver on Monday evening (between 8PM-11PM) ​ To Berkeley / Oakland / East Bay We deliver on Tuesday evening (between 8PM-11PM) ​ ORDER BEFORE FRIDAY 8PM for delivery on Monday (SF) or Tuesday (East Bay).
  • How do I order meal preps?
    ORDER ONLINE Ordering takes place online ( and allows you to choose either delivery or pickup from Real Kabob Persian Restaurant (2982 Almaden Expressway, San Jose CA 95125). ARRANGE DELIVERY We currently deliver across the Bay Area (SF Peninsula, East Bay and South Bay. The minimum order amount for delivery is $75 and there is a $25 delivery fee per order (SF and East Bay), and $20 for South Bay. Once we receive your order, we will email you to arrange a delivery date that fits your schedule. Our typical delivery windows are below: SF/Peninsula: Monday nights between 8PM-10PM East Bay: Tuesday nights between 8PM-10PM ARRANGE PICKUP When a pickup order is placed, we will contact you to confirm your pickup time. Orders placed before 5PM will be fulfilled the next day at 5PM. If an order is placed after 5PM, it will be fulfilled two days later. For example, if an order is placed at 6PM on Monday night, it will be fulfilled on Wednesday night at 5PM. If this causes any major inconvenience, just let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your situation.
  • How should I heat up the meals?
    At refrigerated temperature, open one corner of the lid and put one teaspoon of water in the compartment that contains the meat/protein. Heat the container in the microwave oven (with the lid corner popped open) for approximately 1.5-2 minutes. The added water will evenly heat/soften things up without drying out. If previously frozen, we recommend that you defrost your meals prior to heating them by thawing them in the refrigerator overnight and then microwaving them. For oven heating, we recommend removing your meal from the microwaveable container and placing it in an oven-safe container. Heat at 325 degrees for approximately 10-15 minutes. For oven heating meals from a frozen state, use an oven-safe container and heat at 325 degrees for approximately 20-25 minutes. Add additional heating time to meals as needed.
  • Do you provide nutritional information? What about macros?
    The 4-oz double-veggie meal preps range from 220-350 calories, provide 20-35g of protein, 30-40g of carbs, and 12-25g of fat (chicken breast being the leanest option). Adding rice to a dish adds an additional 150 calories and around 24g of carbs.
  • Do you use any preservatives?
    No, we don't use any preservatives in our meals. We use non-GMO meats and organic vegetables, and we prepare all meals fresh.
  • What's the meal prep shelf life?
    Our meals are prepared fresh without preservatives, so their shelf life won't be as long as processed store-bought food. They should be kept refrigerated and we recommend enjoying them within 5-7 days. You can also put them in the freezer for up to an additional 2-3 weeks.
  • When will you deliver my meal preps?
    When you place an order for delivery, we'll contact you to arrange a delivery day/time within 4 days of your order. Our SF Peninsula orders typically go out on Monday evenings, but dates/times may vary depending on the number of orders being fulfilled.
  • Tell me more about pickup and delivery.
    Once you place your order, we will email you to arrange a pickup time. Typically, orders are ready for pickup up the day after they are placed, between 5PM-8PM Monday-Saturday, and we can make other arrangements if needed. Meal prep orders can be picked up from Real Kabob Persian Restaurant at 2982 Almaden Expwy, San Jose, CA 95125.

“They have a repeat, loyal, and dedicated customer right here and if you haven't tried them yet, I highly suggest that you do! You will not be disappointed!”

— S.G., Yelp

“ The meal prep is also starting to boom for a reason, quality and affordable food with wide varieties. ”

— K.H., Yelp

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